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February 11th Update

Saturday, February 13th , Saturday Study Group, Quality Feed and Garden, Located in the Heights, just north of Downtown,  4428 N. Main Street, Houston, TX  77009,  (713) 862-2323,  9AM – 12 Noon, Free, Refreshments provided.  www.qualityfeedco.com

Saturday, February 13th,  Basic Bonsai #1 Class, Timeless Trees Nursery, 9AM – 12 Noon, $ 60.00 per person, (8 people max., FULL). Focus will be on repotting.  Students will receive a (boxwood, yaupon, or ficus), pot, soil, wire, handbook, and a pair of scissors.  We will repot the trees into a ceramic pot, and make initial branch selection. 

Saturday, February 20th, HBS Club Dig, headed up by Brian Gurrola at his ranch in Bedias, TX.  8:30 AM, details to follow.  (Group is limited to 15 people)  Please contact Brian beforehand to reserve a spot. ( Flyer attached )

Saturday, February 27th, Shohin Study Group, (8 spots, 3 spots open $25.00)  Ray Gonzalez, Focus will be on repotting. Soil provided.

Saturday, March  19th , and Sunday March 20th  – Master Class Workshop  ($250 per person, limit 10 people – 6 spots open) - Advanced Techniques with Pedro Morales   Based upon Popular request we will repeat this class again.  Focus will be on Building Kurama’s, deadwood carving, Phoenix Grafting and adding a Prosthesis. This is a full 2 day workshop, 9AM – 4 PM.  (Lunch provided.)
 Includes all supplies for:
           1.  Making Kuramas – (includes all supplies to make your own kurama, wire mesh, waterproof concrete, colored grout, etc.)

  1. Deadwood Carving - (includes a Black and Decker, 3 speed grinder for each person, and misc. bits)
  2. Phoenix grafts and adding a Prosthesis – (deadwood and juniper whips provided)

Come and join us for this advanced techniques class, and go home with a kurama to use, a new grinder, some newly carved deadwood, and a Phoenix Graft or Prosthesis ( added to one of your trees).
We provide almost everything for this class, ( Grinder, Kurama materials, deadwood, Shimpaku whips, glue, etc.)
Students need to bring a pair of gloves, and safety glasses. 

Future Events in 2016

  1. Bonsai in the Garden Learning Seminars, May 12-15, 2016, The American Bonsai Society & The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Including the Michigan All State Bonsai Show at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park , Grand Rapids, Michigan  http://www.absbonsai.org/2016-abs-bonsai-in-the-garden-learning-seminars

  1. Brussels Rendezvous, May 26th – 29th  http://brusselsbonsai.com/annual-rendezvous.cfm   
  2. Pedro Morales Tropical School Year 1, June 2nd – June 5th . 
  3. Pedro Morales Tropical School Year 2, June 9th  – June 12th
  4. Pedro Morales Tropical School Year 3, July 7th  – July 10th


If you’re in the greater Houston / Rosenberg, Texas area and interested in growing bonsai trees, then Timeless Trees has much to offer to meet your bonsai needs. We sell quality bonsai trees, starter kits, supplies and accessories to help you grow beautiful specimen quality bonsai plants.

Timeless Trees offers one-on-one training through intensive bonsai classes and workshops. We teach you how to care for your bonsai and keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Our instructors are some of the best and most knowledgeable in the country. Because of this individualized service, we do not sell supplies, trees, or other bonsai related products online.

We are located in Rosenberg, Texas, just 30 miles southwest of downtown Houston, just a short drive down HWY 59 South. Our retail and training facilities are located less than two miles off 59 (the Southwest Freeway). Take Exit 36 off Hwy 59 in Rosenberg. A good map is here

We are open Fri – Sat 9 AM – 3 PM, and we are usually available by appointment. So give us a call, use our contact page to inquire about workshop schedules or to sign up for one of our instructional workshops. I look forward to meeting you in person.

Hurley Johnson
Timeless Trees Bonsai

Timeless Trees Bonsai - Neea buxifolia Forest
Neea buxifolia Forest

Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an ancient oriental horticultural art form. The word Bonsai literally means, in both Chinese and in the Japanese language, tree-in- a-pot. Originally developed in the Orient almost 2000 years ago, today the sublime art of bonsai is practiced throughout the world. Shape-harmony-proportion-scale are all weighed carefully as art, and the human hand combines this in a common cause with nature.

Definition quote from BCI What is Bonsai Page